Glow's Summer Solstice Event

Our false start into spring this year has gifted us with the opportunity for a second awakening—and just on the brink of summer solstice.

We wish to take this as an opportunity to create more oneness in the world. This event will have ALL proceeds going to The Loveland Foundation in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. 


Saturday, June 20th, 2020

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The donation is $22.22, the universal number of connection. 

With all money going to The Loveland Foundation

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Glow teachers will teach 108 Sun Salutation A's


Mid Day Meditation



Tribal Trance Flow Ceremony with Carol

Join us for a full day of movement, meditation and  connection. 

When you donate you will be provided a Zoom link that will give you access to all 3 events for the day! 


The Black Lives Matter movement in the U.S. is reaching across the world with people of all colour standing up, speaking up and rising up in the name of justice for all. This is a beautiful example of how we can truly create the kind of world in which we want to live, and we have already seen such incredible progress towards equality in only a matter of weeks. 


The teachers at Glow are strong advocates for social justice and to help keep the momentum of this amazing movement going, we will host a Summer Solstice celebration with all proceeds supporting the LoveLand Foundation.


Glow's Summer Solstice Event

Saturday June 20th @ 10:00 am 

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